Use reliable APIs and ensure your content is safe

When you want to offer some discounts for few privileged customers you should do so by rendering some images as soon as they open the app related to your business. While the app would work as expected since it would be the output of a group of developers who have excelled in coding, the screen rendering would be quite challenging as you may not want to spend too much on just the promotions that should reach out to customers. It is possible that you may want to render some information pertaining to the customer like the number of years the customer might have been loyal to your business and the turnover he has done. All this information would be confidential and hence the competitors should not get access to this information. Hence to make sure that you are securing the information that is rendered in the screen shots you should rely on the RESTful HTML to PDF API as we hardly would be able to copy the content that is displayed in the PDF.

Many people would struggle to copy the information that they would see in the PDFs and when they could not copy it after having tried multiple times, people would have to download the PDF from online and then convert it with some convertors. Since this lengthy process would not be followed by hackers and may be download is not possible for the screens rendered, using APIs would definitely prove to be safe and obviously would secure customer information that is highly confidential. When the customers know that their information is secure then they would be more confident about surfing and viewing the screens rendered on their mobile devices. Be happy that you could get good seasonal business volume from existing loyal and potential customers.